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Gabriela Evangelisti, Allied, ASID

Trained at UC Berkeley in Interior Architecture, Gabriela has been providing design consultation for both residential and commercial clients for over fifteen years.  As a licensed Contractor she is  very knowledgeable of the construction and remodeling process, the people and the products involved. She has traveled extensively and lived abroad many years, which has enriched her palate and taste for colors and unique elements.  She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian, which has been instrumental in participating in different  exclusive international commercial and residential projects. Featured Designer at HGTV's House Hunters Renovations.

"...I have learned to look at things differently.  To see how they are made, the light they reflect and how they can automatically change the mood of a room.  I love to make my spaces inviting, luxurious and unique- I can help you realize the vision you have for your own spaces!"

Gabriela Evangelisti, Allied, ASID


Savignon Interiors, LLC

About us

Most people think that our company was named after the beautiful wine region in France.  As a matter of fact, Savignon is my family name.  It means "tailor" in French. Just like a real tailor, we don’t limit ourselves to one particular method or design. Savignon Interiors will always make sure to add creativity into the work produced. 
We  will always make sure to pay attention to even the smallest of the details.  Therefore, we will make sure to give you our fullest attention, respecting and celebrating your individuality, taste and preferences.
At Savignon Interiors, 
we have a team of  knowledgeable professionals, who are always in a constant process of learning  new trends, advancements in design.  Above all, we will always strive to provide you courteous, timely assistance. 


The Journal

View the latest tips + project reveals over on the blog. 

Interior Design

We will assist you with the formulation of a concept, plan each space carefully, develop color stories for each area and assist you with the selection of finishes, materials and final touches to turn your new house into the home you have envisioned.  We will ensure that all the design elements flow seamlessly and beautifully in your home.

Project Management

Once we have assisted you with the perfect Design Concept and Space Planning Ideas, we proceed to implement the Design itself, which a lot of times, involves construction and remodeling of spaces.

Interior Styling

Interior Styling is available, should you choose to have our experts assist you with the optimal placement of your existing/new , accents and decorations in your new home.  Provide you ideas for new spaces and help you transition into your new home, effortlessly.

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