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Terms + Policies

I’m a terms and conditions page, which you legally need to have on your website. I should disclose where you're storing customer information, how you're tracking info (this includes Google Analytics or email subscriptions). Use plain, straightforward language to build trust and make sure that your clients stay loyal!


While there are standard terms and conditions available for purchase online, we highly recommend working with an attorney to draft a custom document for your particular needs. Every business is different and so are the third party apps you use, so terms and conditions are not one sized fits all.

We use and love Alyce Zawacki Law - Attorney for Creatives. We love her for her experience in the creative industry, her simple language, responsiveness and empathy. You can reach out to her directly at

Shipping + Returns

  • What is your return policy?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • What types of shipping do you offer?
    Choose the shipping rule that best suits you and your store products. Remember, each rule is applied to a specific region. You can Learn More about shipping here. Free Shipping: There is no shipping charge. Flat Rate: You take the same rate for all purchases. Suitable for stores that sell products of similar weight and price (e.g. a store that sells only t-shirts). Rate by Weight: You charge different shipping rates for purchases of different weights. Suitable for stores that sell products with very different weights (e.g. jewelry and coats). Rate by Order Price: You charge different shipping rates for purchases of different prices. You can use this to offer reduced shipping rates for large orders. Calculate with USPS/Correios: Real time shipping calculation allows you to display shipping rates to your customers during checkout. This feature is not currently available to all users. Allow Store Pickup Only: Suitable for sellers who do not ship products. Note that you can also allow store pickup along with other shipping.
  • How can I check the status of my order?
    Your customer may have bought only one product. Or perhaps, they purchased a few products and you are shipping them together in one parcel. Either way, you'll want to add one tracking number to the order. To add a single tracking number to an order: Go to the Store Orders tab in your site's dashboard. Click the relevant order. Click Add Tracking No. in the Order Summary section. Enter the tracking number. Click the Shipping Carrier drop-down. (Optional) Check the Send shipping confirmation email checkbox to send an email to your customer informing them that the item was shipped. The tracking number appears in the email. Learn more about confirmation emails. Click Apply.
  • Do you offer other products that are not available online?
    Add Frequently Asked Shipping + Return Questions easily.
Shipping + Returns
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